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Photo of the fashion illustration live-painter artist Edi Hsu

There's only one opportunity, so tell the story right the first time!!

A wedding is a made from a collection of special moments, not just one. The Storybook Wedding project captures this phenomenon by painting your special day live from start to finish, and including important moments, preparations, family traditions, and more!

"Moments should be captured live, not recreated from a photograph!"


All painted during the exact moments of the wedding? Not from photos from earlier in the day??

The most important moments of our lives are special and can never be recreated. In our current day and age, photos & videos are commonplace. Instead, a live-painted Storybook Wedding offers a unique and powerful way of capturing the emotions of this significant day.

Storybook Wedding paintings are done live, never from photographs. Moments in life arise then pass, and live-painting is a mirror of this experience. Trying to recreate the moment by painting from a photograph is contrived and often looks stiff.

Have a custom full-color storybook live-painted at your wedding, blending the styles of French Impressionism, East Asian brushwork, fashion illustration, and traditional fairytale storybooks.

While experiencing each moment, fully present and alongside others, my paintings are influenced by the pace of the wedding, the vibe of the music, lighting of the room, and more… even the air’s humidity can affect the flow of inks & paints.


Throughout the events of the wedding, you and your guests will see the storybook magically unfold in front of your eyes!

Dustin Johnson, California 2019

“My wife Lauren and I commissioned Edi Hsu for our wedding to capture our ceremony & reception. We were both taken back by the art, as we believed it really captured the essence of the moment for us to look back on and enjoy forever!

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